2003 Blues Cruise
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another all night jam.jpg

Gene Troy and Kim.jpg

Hot stuff.jpg

Jimi & Steve.jpg

 Another all night jam

 Gene, Troy and Kim

 Hot stuff

 Jimi & Steve

judy and geoffrey.jpg

Ronnie and Jimi.jpg

sweating in the Caribbean sun.jpg

Tbirds with Charlie Musselwhite.jpg

 With Judy and Geoffrey

 Ronnie and Jimi

 Sweating in the Caribbean sun

 Tbirds with Charlie Musselwhite

Troy G Kim and Ronnie.jpg

Troy Kim and Ronnie.jpg

with John Mooney.jpg

with mark and Steve.jpg

 Troy G, Kim and Ronnie

 Troy, Kim and Ronnie

 With John Mooney

 With Mark and Steve


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