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2015 Blues Music Award Winner!


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To hear a sample of Jimi's recording with 2012 BMA Nominee and Delta Groove Recording artist Big Pete, CLICK HERE

Big Pete / Alex Schultz / Willie J. Campbell / Jimi Bott / Johnny Dyer / Al Blake / Kim Wilson / Paul Oscher / Kirk Fletcher / John Marx / Mojo Mark / Shawn Pittman / Kid Ramos / Rusty Zinn / Rob Rio / Malcolm Lukens / and more...

Jimi Bott with Big Pete, Kirk Fletcher, Willie J Campbell in Basel, Switzerland at the Blues Now! Festival 2011

Jimi Bott with Shawn Pittman and Willie J Cambell at 2011 Simi Valley Blues Festival

Jimi Bott with Kevin Selfe and The Tornadoes at 2011 Waterfront Blues Festival

The Mannish Boys
Delta Groove Harp Blast
Finis Tasby
Shawn Pittman
Big Pete
Kirk Fletcher
Rob Rio
Kim Wilson
Willie J Campbell
Rusty Zinn
Kid Ramos
Rod Piazza
Miss Honey
Mark Hummel
Alex Schultz
Al Blake
Gene Taylor
Doug James
Paul Oscher
Fiona Boyes
Doug MacLeod
Kevin Selfe and the Tornadoes
Allen Markel
John Neish
Nick Moss
Curtis Salgado
Victor Wainwright
Bob Corritore
Mitch Kashmar
Randy Chortkoff
David Vest
Little Charlie Baty
Eden Brent
Duffy Bishop
Chris Carlson
Franck "Paris Slim" Goldwasser
Dave Kahl
Suburban Slim
Jim Wallace
Lloyd Jones
Dover Weinberg
Janice Scroggins
DK Stewart
Rich Del Grosso
Karen Lovely
John Del Toro Richardson
Ellen White
Brad Ulrich
Magic Dick
Mary Flower
Dean Muller
Chris Alexander
Smokin Joe Kubek
B'nois King
John Mazzocco
Peter Moss
Lisa Mann
Joe McCarthy
Chris Mercer
Thad Beckmann
Willie "Big Eyes" Smith
Patrick Rynn
Chris James
Tail Dragger
David Maxwell
Terry Hanck
Tracy Nelson
Peter Dammann
Hawkeye Herman
Cliff Ashmon
and many, many, more...

"I've had the pleasure of knowing Jimi Bott for over 25yrs. He is not only my favorite drummer of choice but one of the hardest working and warmest human beings I know. Jimi's got my vote!" - Randy Chortkoff (CEO Delta Groove Music)


Jimi's CD, Bott & Paid For!,
is available now!!



Click here to check out Blues from the Great Northwest on Jimi's new CD featuring:

Paul DeLay
Dave Kahl
AC Porter
Marco Savo
Suburban Slim
Jim Wallace

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Jimi Bott Live Volume I Cheap Thrills

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