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Congratulations to Jimi on his win for

Blues Drummer of the Year in 2015!







It is a true honor to be nominated for a Blues Music Award. And an even greater honor to win! Jimi has been nominated as Best Blues Drummer in the world 17 times, and won the award in 2015.


Only Blues Foundation members are allowed to hot-foot-it over to to sign up!   If you are not yet a member of the Blues Foundation, just click here to join so you'll be able to vote for Jimi and all your favorite blues artists!



In other award news, Jimi won his eighth Cascade Blues Association's (CBA) Muddy Award for Blues Drummer of the Year.  Since he won Best Drummer for three consequtive years, he was inducted into the CBA's Hall of Fame in 2009!!  Way to go Jimi!!!


The CBA is an extremely active blues association that serves the Pacific Northwest region.


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Read about Jimi's CD Cheap Thrills! 


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