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Here is a partial list of recordings that feature Jimi on drums:

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Recent releases by date:



Lucerne Blues Festival
Sampler (2011)




Fiona Boyes
Blues for Hard Times (2011)

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Big Pete
Choice Cuts (2011)

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Mannish Boys
Shake For Me (2010)

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Swimming in Turpentine (2009)

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Fiona Boyes
Blues Woman (2009)

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JT Meier
Cool Hip Daddy (2009)



Barbara Chamberlin
Songs from the Yukon
Of Ice and Men (2009)

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Mark Hummel
Mark Hummel's Chicago Blues Party (2009)

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Michael Sneed
Vampyre's Lament (2008)

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Joe McMurrian Quartet
Live at the White Eagle (2007)

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Steve Gerard & The National Debonaires
New Sounds from Kansas City (2007)

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Chris Beirne
Freezerburn (2007)

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Jimi Bott
Bott & Paid For! (2006)

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JT Meier
Call Me Mister Luck (2006)



Jimi Bott
Live Volume 1 Cheap Thrills (2005)

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The Fabulous Thunderbirds
Painted On (2005)


Older releases by alpha:



Billy Boy Arnold
Back Where I Belong (1993)




Ken Bott
The Blues from Bottsville  (2000)




William Clarke
Deluxe Edition  (1999)




William Clarke
Groove Time  (1994)




William Clarke
Serious Intentions  (1992)




Floyd Dixon
Wake Up and Live!  (1996)




Johnny Dyer
Listen Up  (1994)




Richmond Fontaine
Lost Son  (1999)




James Harman
Mo' Na'kins Please!  (1999)




James Harman
Extra Napkins  (1988)




Rick "L.A. Holmes" Holstrom
Lookout!  (1996)




Mark Hummel
Hard Lovin' 1990's  (1992)




Mark Hummel
Feel Like Rockin'  (1994)




Mark Hummel
Harmonica Party  (1993)




Caleb Klauder
Sings Out  (2000)




Doug MacLeod
Come To Find  (1994)




Doug MacLeod
You Can't Take My Blues  (1996)



Mad Hattie
Soul Fishin'  (2000)
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Rod Piazza & The Mighty Flyers
Live at B.B. King's Blues Club (1994)




Rod Piazza & The Mighty Flyers
Alphabet Blues (1992)




Rod Piazza & The Mighty Flyers
Blues in the Dark (1991)




Jimmy Rogers
Feelin' Good (1985)




Luther Russell
Lowdown World (2000)




Steve Samuels
Saturday Night Blues  (1987)




Bill Stuve
Big Noise (1999)




Bill Stuve
Say Man! (1999)




Junior Watson
Long Overdue (1994)


Blues Compilations:
  • Blues Cocktail Party (1991)
  • Got Harp, If You Want It! (1993)
  • Blues Costume Party (1995)
  • Blues Masters (Audioquest)  (1996)
  • A Celebration of Blues: Great Swing Blues (1997)
  • Blues After Hours (Easydisc)  (1997)
  • Blues Quest (1999)
  • Blues Harp Hotshots (1998)
  • Blues 88's: Boogie Woogie Instrumentals (1998)
  • Blues Joint (1998)
  • Blues Harp Power (1997)
  • Blues T-Bone Style (1997)
  • Blues Guitar Power (1997)
  • Blues Bar-B-Que (1997)
  • Works of Art, Vol. 3 (1994)
  • A Celebration of Blues: Great Rock-A-Boogie Blues (1997)
  • Blues, Mistletoe & Santa's Little Helper (1995)
  • Genuine Houserockin' Music (1986)
  • Black Top Blues Pajama Party (1992)

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